Baby Books – My Husband is the Cutest!

Last week, my husband and I were on vacation together, which turned into a stay-cation due to impending IVF and not knowing what to expect as far as required appointments or when my cycle would start.  The stay-cation was glorious!  Why have we never done this before?!  Being relatively new homeowners, and newer to our community (we used to live inner-city, and now we sort of live in the outskirts of the suburbs), there was so much to see and do around town together.  My husband is an attorney and works very long hours during the week (love that he’s employed, but I despise the hours), so this was just a wonderful little retreat from all of the hustle, bustle, and loneliness that comes with the territory of being an attorney’s wife.  (I work, too, but my schedule is more of a 40-50 hr/wk gig vs. 70-80 hrs.  I don’t mean to complain or sound ungrateful, I just long for more time with my sweet husband.)
Enjoying our stay-cation, just being young and silly together like old times, and excited about our upcoming IVF cycle, we stumbled into Barnes & Nobles one day to pick up some parenting and pregnancy books.  Although we’ve struggled with infertility for the last 3 years, we’re in a really good place and delusional incredibly hopeful about the prospects of IVF.  I’ve decided the only way to approach this is to truly believe it will work, so we figured it’s time to start preparing ourselves for what is to come in this next phase in our life.  I picked up “I’m Pregnant” by Lesley Regan and “Fit & Healthy Pregnancy”, and my husband picked up “Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!” and “The Expectant Father” after combing through the array of options available on the bookshelf.  There are several other best selling pregnancy and baby books I want to read, but I steered clear of the real popular ones for now.  When the time comes, I’ll bum them off of my sister, SILs, or friends who are new mommies. 
Anyway, we read them for a bit that evening, and finally I go to bed.  I wake up at around 5:30 am to realize that my husband has still not been to bed!  Here I am, snuggled up in bed for nearly a full 8 hours with our Goldendoodle’s head on my tummy and my King Charles Spaniel snuggling my neck, but no husband to be found! Frustrated and a little concerned, I walk into the office where my husband is curled up in the chair reading his parenting books.  I said, “honey – what are you doing?  This isn’t a race!?  Don’t you want to come to bed?”  He says, “I’m not tired – and this parenting thing is just too exciting!”.  I just melt. 
I was thinking, awe – that’s the cutest thing ever!  But I’m going to be annoyed when he’s sleeping all day long and we sort of lose a vacation/stay-cation day together.  Again, he surprises me.  He came to bed for about an hour after a little coaxing, only to get up and take Tucker (the spaniel) to the vet for his teeth cleaning as he promised he would and spent the entire day by my side doing all sorts of fun things.
He’s seriously the best.  And I know that he’s going to be an amazing dad! 

9 thoughts on “Baby Books – My Husband is the Cutest!

    • Ugh, yes it does. We have to learn to cope with the loneliness, yet still enjoy the precious little time witht them. Sometimes it’s easy to be bitter about it, which makes it harder to enjoy the time together. I haven’t always dealt with it well, but I’m getting better (and he’s looking to make a career move!).


      • Yes, I’m not sure how well I deal with it… I met Eric the second week of his residency, so six years ago. We’ve never had a ‘normal’ relationship, if there even is such a thing! Only 314 days of residency left though. I’m really hoping his schedule is more open next year!


    • Thanks, and aren’t they the best!? So much fun and so therapeutic by nature. Don’t know what I would do without my girl. We got her about 1.5 yrs after we started TTC, so she and I bonded particularly hard.


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your staycation! Love that you guys picked up those books, too cute. My husband is an attorney too, totally get where you’re coming from about the long hours!

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    • Yes, I’m sure you can understand! Thank you. They are difficult for both of us on top of a long commute for him now that we moved into our house. He’s entering his 3rd year practicing law and having a little trouble finding something closer to home that will offer a better lifestyle. But the right thing will come along soon, and I’ll cherish my time with him during the week even more.


      • The long commute must be tough too! Hopefully an opportunity will arise soon that will help you to spend more time together!


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