4th Anniversary – The Perfect Summer Evening under the Stars!

Last Friday, my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and it was probably the best yet.  We really had a simple evening, but it was perfect and beautiful other than my husband getting rear-ended on his way to pick me up and having an little snafu with my car key that required him taking me to work in the first place.  Because of that little incident resulting in a slight delay, we ended up having to grab a quick dinner at Chipotle, but hey – if you’re not going to a fine dining establishment, Chipotle is as good as anything!  We didn’t want to be late to the main event, the Fallout Boy and Paramore concert!  We just grabbed a couple of lawn tickets and we completely lucked out with it being the coolest night of the summer (thank you, Polar Vortex!) to relax on the lawn.  We live in South Texas, so let’s just say that 75 degrees and breezy is a pretty rare and beautiful thing in the month of August!  Also, the concert was amazing!  Great quality music and very high energy and light-hearted.  We used to go to concerts every week when we were in college and now we go to about one or two a year.   This one was just different, we have sort of “grown up” with these bands over the last 10 years throughout our twenties and they are both much more mature than when they started – I’d like to think we are as well.  It was just great feeling like carefree, young 20 somethings just having fun and singing along at a rock concert like old times!  A nice relief from 2 almost thirties struggling through infertility and just signed up for IVF.

To my husband…the last 4 years of marriage have had their ups and downs, to say the least. It’s been 8 and a half years since we met and became best friends instantly. In those 8 and a half years, you have never failed to support me and love me unconditionally even when I was far from lovable. Despite all the good times, we have also triumphed over some very serious challenges  (ahem, infertility and the marital woes it tends to cause), and I’m so happy to have you by my side and going stronger than ever!

It’s was also a bitter sweet day, also being the anniversary of my beloved Granddaddy’s death 2 years ago. He made such a huge impression on myself, my siblings, and really anyone who ever met him from what I know. He was passionate about developing and encouraging other people to become their very best personally, professionally, and in their relationship and service to God. I am so blessed to have experienced his influence in my life and only wish I’d had more time with him.  Additionally, my Grandmother had a bit of a health set-back this week, suffering from a stroke while undergoing maintenance chemo for multiple myeloma.  She is the strongest woman I know, and I know she will overcome the challenges she’s facing. Lord, please heal Grandma so she may continue to uplift, strengthen, and set a shining example of grace, beauty, and Godliness for our family for many years to come.


3 thoughts on “4th Anniversary – The Perfect Summer Evening under the Stars!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I was hoping to catch that same your but the date here was a Wednesday. We used a paramore song for out first dance.


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