Shh!!! I have a secret.

It’s official!  We are moving across state, just signed a contract to sell our home, and have an inspection on Monday.   That’s not the secret, though.  On Friday, I have an embryo transfer!  When we realized the timing of our move, we decided to go ahead and prepare to complete a transfer while we were in town.  Our twins turn three in September, so they would be about 3.5 when baby arrives, should this transfer be successful.  I have told my sister and mentioned it to a couple of friends, but I am otherwise keeping it a secret as long as I can.  I had to put it out there and share with the community to get it off my chest.

I am looking forward to taking some time off work this summer with the kids as their new school doesn’t start until August, getting settled into the house and our community, and continuing to take a couple graduate courses this summer.   We will figure the rest out from there.

There is quite a bit riding on this embryo transfer, since it would just be (almost) impossible to work with a fertility clinic in Houston when we are settled in Dallas.  Regardless of the outcome, this transfer signifies the end of our IVF chapter.  It will hurt like hell if it doesn’t work out, but I know with the love of my husband and my precious girls, we will get through it.

And what if it is more successful than planned?  What if we have identical twins again?  I have had so many people tell me stories of families with multiple sets of twins.  I’ll let you in on another little secret: I’m not scared!  🙂  Bring it on!

Any cycle buddies?

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