2nd Beta and Ultrasound Delay

My 2nd beta was taken last Tuesday, 4 days after the initial beta.  It multiplies 3.7 times the initial beta in just 4 days, and the other labs (thyroid and progesterone) that they measured were all pointing to a healthy pregnancy.

The closing of the house got delayed to later this week, so I also moved my first ultrasound back.  I have to travel about 4 hours to accomplish both of these tasks in the Houston-area, so I wanted to do them in the same day.  I also have to return my laptop to my soon to be former employer while I am in town.  At that point, I will officially be…unemployed, homeless, and pregnant.  But hey, I have an interview tomorrow that sounds promising, so fingers crossed that I get the job and can proceed with buying a new house!

The girls keep saying things like, “I dont want to go to Nana and Papa’s house, I want to go to my house!”, “I can’t find my house anywhere, it’s gone!”, and reminiscing about all of their things that are currently in storage.  Send prayers, good thoughts, or any good luck you may have to spare our way so that things will fall in place quickly.  Fingers crossed!

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