ONE Healthy Little Peanut

Our ultrasound today, at 6 weeks and 4 days, went great!  One baby that looks like a little peanut, measuring right on track with a healthy, flickering heartrate.  We did not do PGD, mainly because we did not personally want to be able to choose the sex of the baby, and because our pre-IVF genetic testing came back all-clear.  I may do the blood test at 12 weeks to ensure baby is healthy, genetically, and also find out sex at that time so the planning and shopping can begin!

Oh, and I got a job, and I start on Monday!  What a huge relief! Now we can get back on the house hunting and and move forward with no worries.  Now I just have to figure out how to get my next ultrasound completed in 2 weeks across-state.  I have to find an obgyn who will work with the clinic until 12 weeks, and figure out how to squeeze these appointments into my new, unknown work routine.

Anyone have advice on how to handle starting a job in early pregnancy?  Tell them up front?  Wait until 12 weeks?  Anyone been through this and have any experiences to share, good, bad, or otherwise?


4 thoughts on “ONE Healthy Little Peanut

  1. Hooray!! Fabulous news all around! No advice on the work thing, but personally I’d wait. I’ve heard some employers can be weird about that stuff. Congrats on the peanut, and the job; and good luck with your house hunt!!

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