2nd Beta and Ultrasound Delay

My 2nd beta was taken last Tuesday, 4 days after the initial beta.  It multiplies 3.7 times the initial beta in just 4 days, and the other labs (thyroid and progesterone) that they measured were all pointing to a healthy pregnancy. The closing of the house got delayed to later this week, so I also […]

Big decision! Career Advancement or Fertility Treatments?

Recently, my husband and I were faced with a very big decision.  Although we’ve been TTC for several years, we’d never gotten close to even considering IVF until about a month ago.  After several failed, monitored clomid cycles and 2 failed IUIs, we took a 2 month break from fertility treatments over the summer to […]

4th Anniversary – The Perfect Summer Evening under the Stars!

Last Friday, my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and it was probably the best yet.  We really had a simple evening, but it was perfect and beautiful other than my husband getting rear-ended on his way to pick me up and having an little snafu with my car key that required him […]

Baby Books – My Husband is the Cutest!

Last week, my husband and I were on vacation together, which turned into a stay-cation due to impending IVF and not knowing what to expect as far as required appointments or when my cycle would start.  The stay-cation was glorious!  Why have we never done this before?!  Being relatively new homeowners, and newer to our community […]