My first blog post! And IVF #1!

I’ve thought about blogging for a little while, as I’ve received so much value from following other people’s blogs and YouTube vlogs related to infertility and pregnancy.  Finally, I’m going to give it a shot.  I don’t know if anyone will want to hear what I have to say, but it might help me to relieve some stress and have a bit of additional support as I go through this whole infertility thing.  I think my sister and sister-in-laws and closest girlfriends may secretly be sick and tired of hearing about it – maybe even my mom and mother-in-law too.  Lol, well I know there are others out there going through similar struggles who can relate better.

We are about to start an IVF cycle!  Going into this whole TTC thing, I was pretty against the thought of IVF.  Didn’t think it was for me.  However, when we’d exhausted our other options (clomid cycles, femara cycles, femara + IUI twice, various different vitamins and supplements, etc) without any sign of pregnancy, I finally decided it was time to see a specialist.  What in the world took me so long?!  I realized I knew a very influential person in the infertility community who’s worked with fertility clinics throughout the state of Texas, so at the very least I should ask her for a referral to her very favorite Reproductive Endocrinologist.  Turns out, she knew just the guy.  And I was able to get an appointment very quickly.  This doctor was able to use all the diagnostic testing and history we already had on file, with just a few additional tests required, and convince us that our best bet was IVF.  He didn’t try to sell us on something we didn’t want or need, but when presented with several different options, there was no doubt in my mind that IVF was next.  So, here we go!

I’ve got my meds ordered and stocked in my fridge, and am currently on birth control pills until August 20th when I go back in for my baseline ultrasound, test transfer, HSG, and consent signing.  IVF contract is paid and I have no regrets.  I’ve done injectables before, so I’m not scared of the needles or the retrieval, just scared of the heartbreak I’ll feel if it doesn’t work.  But mostly, I’m hopeful.  Very, very hopeful that it will work on the first shot and we’ll have remaining embryos (not too many, though!) that we can and will use for subsequent pregnancies.

Dear God, please give us incredible success in this IVF procedure.  We come to you praying that you will bless us with one or two little ‘bears’ to love and nurture, and teach about the love of God.  Our family needs these little miracles, and will give them all the love and resources we have to give and then some.  Amen.

14 thoughts on “My first blog post! And IVF #1!

  1. Hi there– I am getting ready to take on IVF- similar to you.. been trying for a few years, not one positive- had a lap, 2 iuis and nothing. With your success, which IVF did you go with? We were offered a classic IVF or the genetic one which is obviously way more expensive. Just curious what you went with or if that was even an option with the doctor you saw. Thanks and happy to see your pregnancy is going well =)


      • Thank you so much for your input 🙂 Such a huge decision, we want the best outcome obviously, but glad to hear in your case it worked out just using the “regular” IVF.


      • I would have to read more about your story to give you more advice, which I’d love to learn more about your journey so far when I have a moment! What has your diagnosis been, if any? Assuming by the title of your blog, you have endometriosis. Anything else in the mix? Just trying to better understand what challenges you’re facing. If it helps, we did not have any true diagnosis. We don’t know 100% that I have endo, but it’s like a 95% chance with all the information we have and everything else we’ve been able to rule out. Nothing else worked! IVF worked the very first time, which my doctor almost guaranteed would happen based on the facts at hand. His words, if endo is all we’re facing, IVF completely makes it obsolete as a factor. Of course, everyone’s health situation and diagnosis/stats are unique. Has your doctor given you any advice as to which to choose?


      • I have stage 1 endo, very little but we fall into that “unexplained” category of course! She is a little concerned with my ovarian reserve, but it’s not horrible. She thinks we will be able to get a few good quality embies but you never know until the lab work comes into play. I just hope it works 🙂 I am baffled by the price of it and of course no guarantees. Makes me feel overwhelmed a bit!


      • No guarantees, but is it worth the risk to you? All you have to lose is the money, and of course emotional distress of it not working. Genetic testing will not improve your chances of IVF working for you (the first round), but it will give you more answers up front in the event IVF is unsuccessful or complicated by genetic or egg/sperm quality issues. This info could help you make better decisions for your next steps, and could be a good investment in that event. If you’re unexplained, stage 1 endo, I agree IVF is really hopeful for you! As for lower egg reserve, I would say that is all the more reason that IVF would be worthwhile. I had a pretty healthy egg reserve at 29 yrs age when we did the IVF, and we got nearly 30 eggs and 13 frozen embryos. Woah, right!? We only transferred one that was successful and split to twins…and now we will be donating remaining embryos once we have completed our family. But if I’d had lower egg reserve and let’s say we only had a few remaining frozen embryos, that would be just as good and we wouldn’t have to handle ethical dilemmas regarding remaining embryos.

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      • Wow you had a ton of eggs! 🙂 And that is so nice that you are donating!! There are so many families that will be grateful!


  2. Welcome to the blog world of infertility. Starting my blog was one of the best things I’ve done on my journey. It has allowed me to journal everything and connect with an amazing group of women in similar experiences. I’m excited to follow your journey. I wish you all the best with your upcoming IVF!!!

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